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Sale price RM99.00 MYR Regular price RM39.90 MYR
Regular price RM99.00 MYR
Sale price RM99.00 MYR Regular price RM39.90 MYR
Regular price RM99.00 MYR
Sale price RM99.00 MYR Regular price RM39.90 MYR
Regular price RM99.00 MYR
Sale price RM99.00 MYR Regular price RM39.90 MYR


With clean, plant-based, functional superfood ingredients, our products optimise and elevate every part of your day.
Our thoughtfully curated health support food inspire people to be a force in their own lives.

Sourced From The Earth’s Most Powerful Superfood

SUPERECIPE curated the Functional Food Blend by selecting the best superfoods and the 100% nature and patented active ingredients into specific combos to give your health a total support. Each Functional Food Blend has the sacred essence from the handpicked premium superfoods around the world. Fuel up your body with the earth’s most powerful superfoods today!

Functional Food Blend

Our functional food blend help you make wellness a regular part of your routine.

Rainbow Food

A single food gives healthy mind but a great combination of superfoods fulfilling our nutritional needs better than other food items.

Loved By >5,000 People

Joan Wong

Helped me to stay healthy during travel

I have tried the IMMUEVER for 1 month while travelling, usually when go to new country, I will need at least 2 days to feel better, but this round, I can feel my immune system is stronger and didn't feel any discomfort or sick during the entire trip!
The taste is great too, much better than the usual orange taste.

Nicole A.


This is hands down the best superfood product I’ve ever had. amazing ingredients, refreshing taste, positive to my health effect. I love it! The only thing I would change about this product would be for it to be sold in a larger size.

Lionel D.

My daily booster

Much prefer healthy powder that i know what is it in than pills. I swapped my daily vitamins to superecipe, it is the smartest move i made this year!

Diana K.

Tasty and Healthy!

This is a BEST tasting superfood blend that I had, it provides a nice amount of vitamin and nutrients!

Kate Gomez Jung

Taste fantastic and well mixed into my morning juice

Goes really well mixed into orange or pineapple juice for a morning boost! Love the taste a lot even with no added sugar!

Brian Liang

Love it so much

Love this immunity blend! It has a delightful taste, and it's packed with an excellent amount of vitamin C. I really enjoy it.

Different Ways To Enjoy SUPERECIPE Functional Blend
Anytime, anywhere, any style you like

Simple yet Powerful

Pour SUPERECIPE Functional Food Blend in water and instantly get a glass of SUPERB nutrients.

Ultraboost Your Drinks

Mix SUPERECIPE Functional Food Blend with your daily smoothie or drinks for an ULTRABOOST of nutritions.

Level Up Your Meals

Make your meal a SUPER bowl by add-on SUPERECIPE Functional Food Blend.


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